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EV Star - Wireless Charging

GreenPower Motor Company introduces its autonomous EV Star with Perrone Robotics and wireless charging (momentum dynamics).

GreenPower Motor Company’s EV Star is a fully-electric, FMVSS compliant and Altoona-tested transit van capable of carrying up to 19 passengers. An optional Braun lift plus one or two wheelchair locations offer full ADA support. This carrying capacity, plus a 120-150 mile range, enables a green and quiet medium-range shuttle option for your community or transit agency.

The TONY retrofit kit applied to the GreenPower EV Star offers a turn-key solution for larger capacity passenger transit at up to highway speeds. And thus, an “AV Star” is born.


Introducing the TONY-based AV STAR

Wireless in Wenatchee – Momentum Dynamics


Download Altoona-Certified Report

GreenPower Motor Company’s EV Star Completes Altoona Testing

GreenPower’s EV Star Receives Highest Score in its Class from Altoona Test